12seconds.tv is launching our public alpha!

Hi Everyone,

This is Sol and Beach from 12seconds.tv, we’re a couple of the founders here.  We’re stoked to announce our public alpha today!  This is still an invitation only alpha, but we want to come out to the world and say hi. So please request an invite, or if you’re already a member of 12seconds, please invite your friends.

In case you haven’t heard of us yet, 12seconds is a video status platform.  This is the place to record and share brief moments from your life, whether you’re buying shoes, at a concert, or hanging out in your pajamas.  Use a webcam or a cell phone to record videos up to 12 seconds long and share them with friends.  That’s it.  Why 12seconds?  Because anything longer is boring.

Our new public alpha includes a number of new features and improvements that weren’t available in the old, private alpha, including friend search, video search, contact invites and the multi-player.  If you want to join the site now, and you don’t want to wait for us, you can head over to our friends at Techrunch, Center Networks, Webware, VentureBeat, Mashable, bub.blicio.us, ReadWriteWeb, LA Times, StartupMeme – they might have some invitations left.  If not, just be patient, we’ll get you in as soon as we can.

If you have any feature requests or you discover any bugs (this is an alpha after all) please send us an email. Please contact us to access our API if you want to leverage 12seconds for your own product.  You can find more information about 12seconds on our About page.


Sol and Beach


8 responses to “12seconds.tv is launching our public alpha!

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  4. Looks good and seems really addictive. I will use it.

    I am trying to upload the videos using shozu’s send to email feature. I am yet to see my video.

    12seconds id is thej

  5. Hey 12seconds Team,

    do you have plans for a iphone app?


    Btw: 12seconds is great! Go on…

  6. @Tobias Absolutely! An iPhone app will be killer, and we are working on it now. You prob know that Apple’s been reluctant on video support in their SDK, but we are working on a good solution for recording, and finishing a solid player.

    @Thejesh We will look into it and figure out what’s up. Thanks for the heads up, and DM me if you need more help at david@12seconds.tv

  7. @David Its working now. Thanks.

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