12seconds Feature Update – What’s Next?

It’s been an exciting week here at the 12seconds dodecaplex. First we want to thank all of our new users! You guys are awesome and we’re so thrilled to have you on board. 

We want to take this opportunity to fill you in on some of our plans for feature development. We’ve had a ton of great feedback and questions and we want you all to know that we are listening and planning accordingly. We are working on bugs and new features just about 24/7 but here are some of the things that are in the pipeline:

  1. Scalability
  2. Video replies
  3. More comment functionality
  4. Shorter urls posted to twitter, etc.
  5. Email settings
  6. Privacy control
  7. More 3rd party site support
  8. More mobile integration 
  9. Account deletion 🙂
  10. Upload from web page
  11. Improved tagging, grouping, and navigation
  12. Improved recorder
We’re working all of this, plus some cool secret surprises that we can’t talk about right now. 
We’d love your feedback on this and anything else, please go to our uservoice page for to make suggestions and to vote on the ones that are already there. It really helps us make our product plans.
And again, thanks so much for all the support! You guys rock!

11 responses to “12seconds Feature Update – What’s Next?

  1. An iPhone App via Appstore and video replies are my favorites 🙂

  2. i think you really need to take a look into the “too short” problem… i dont know, maybe offer 2 lengths? like 12 seconds and 36 seconds? that would be much better… thanks!

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  4. Hi everybody

    I’ve read an interesting Technology Review article about you.
    Well, I’ve also posted in my blog about video microblogging.

    “I guess this is a really nice application and it might be complementary to Twitter and Facebook (or other socialnet applications) by allowing to people keep updated their status using a short video. Moreover, 12seconds might allow to people link their location by using Google Maps (or something else) as similarly it’s used by Flickr by adding a photo in a map.”

    Best regards,
    Ricardo Seguel P.

  5. Great. Congrats.
    Are we going to have OpenId support in next release?

  6. Video replies will be a killer app, good to know that tey are coming.
    Another issue: I see a lot of videos with very poor sound quality up to nearly impossible to understand a word. As far as i see from my own channel this is not an issue of poor equipment of users: When i record my headset or microphone right on my PC it sounds ok, but when i use the flash interface, the volume of the voice in the video is really low and loses a lot of dynamic. To make things worse theres a lot of static and quite often a feedback beep. This definitely is produced in the conversion process.
    All in all i like the whole idea and the twitter-like easyness and limitation in features very much. If the sound issue gets optimised it will be a winner.

  7. Hope that support for the Eee PC web cam is on your short list as well as support for identi.ca. the 12 second time limit is great. keep up the good work

  8. I think an iPhone app would be great. Lots of interesting content will come from places outside an office / desktop PC. So the mobile scenario is quite important.

  9. thanks for all the great comments! keep it up. people can go to http://12seconds.uservoice.com to submit and vote on features too.

  10. When are uploads from the site coming?

    I have taken a bunch of 12 second videos on my Nokia but am not too keen to upload from it because my monthly data bundle isn’t very big! Waiting to upload them from the memory card from work.

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