The 12second Challenge & Awards!

We’ve been cranking away on crushing more bugs (and creating some more in the process – yikes!) all in the effort to make the site as tight and as fast as possible. Thanks again for all your help with reporting bugs! We totally appreciate it.

We’ve added a couple of new features as well that we’re excited about. First is the 12second challenge! Every day we will post a new challenge for you to try to complete in 12seconds. This week is Olympic week! So check that out. We’ve also added the multiplayer on tag pages. This means you can watch all the clips from a particular tag all at once. 

Then we created awards to be handed out on special occasions. Our first awards are the 1200 Award, the Alpha Award, and the Olympic Award. If you are one of the first 1200 users and/or an alpha user, you get these limited Awards. And then if you win an Olympic challenge, you get one of those. These are exclusive awards, never to be given out again… (well maybe until the next olympics). We’ll be creating more awards to hand out for other random reason as well. So keep on updating your friends and family about what you’re up to using 12seconds. It’s the only way to fly. L8.


2 responses to “The 12second Challenge & Awards!

  1. Cool site. I wanna submit one on space!

  2. Is it possible to set your own challenges? I’ve blogged baout 12seconds.TV – – and would like to use it as I described. Is there a way?

    Thanks Lisaxx

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