12seconds Roundup and Invite-O-Rama!

shred with this

Hey 12ers!

Fun Stuff

It’s just another week at 12seconds.  We have people watching Obama at the DNC in Denver, others witnessing the protests at the RNC in St. Paul.  Of course there’s someone trying to escape a straightjacket and a couple more doing the Macarena.  Finally, in other parts of the world we have a man who finds a mushroom the size of his head and another person who coincidentally also finds a mushroom the size of his head.  Yep, just another week at 12seconds.

New Stuff

We got some big new features coming early next week.  In the meantime, we’ve implemented two things worth noting.

1.  Notication of Follow-Up Comments

Ever make a comment on someone’s video and then wonder if anyone commented after you?  Yep, us too.  And we always forget to go back and check too.  So, we’ve implemented a checkbox that says “Notify me of follow-up comments posted here.”  This way when you say, “great video” and then someone else says, “yeah, great video” you’ll know it which might lead you to life changing friendships that you would have missed out on without this intuitive feature.

2. Invite your friends from your existing contacts

When you go invite friends you can now import all of your friends using the “Add from my Address Book” button which can be found on the invite page.  This makes it super easy to invite contacts from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Outlook and others!  12seconds is even better with more friends.

But, wait, I only have a few invites left, how can I invite all of my contacts?!

Invite-O-Rama! Win a 12seconds Skateboard!

We’re getting closer to going to a public beta.  This means that soon we’ll be opening up.  Over the past month since our launch we have been busy re-architecting our backend to support ~10 billion people recording video simultaneously.  To test our load, we’re going to give everyone unlimited invites for 4 days (Thur-Sun).

The two individuals that invite the most people will win this super-gnarly 12seconds skateboard!

Shred in style and represent Santa Cruz (that’s our hood) with the finest board.  In fact, we’re going to get the deck (the wooden part for you Skateboard-deprived) shipped here and get it outfitted at a legit Santa Cruz skate shop.  Trust us – you don’t want to look like a poser when you ollie over that car and everyone sees your equipment.

So let the Invite-O-Rama begin.  Invite your friends, comment on their videos and make a lot of 12s.

Thanks and keep 12ing!


13 responses to “12seconds Roundup and Invite-O-Rama!

  1. is this open to people in the UK as well ?

  2. It’s mine you hear me, Mine!!!!

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  4. Can’t wait to see what the new features are !


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  6. I’m well on my way. I want that skateboard.

  7. This post looks so lonely without any comments so here is one..

    I have been emailing random email addresses from my address bar in a vain attempt to win the amazing looking 12 seconds skateboard. Mine own skateboard was ran over by a bus.. *silent weep*.

    I have been indiscriminately inviting anyone I may have come into email contact with since 1996 including Ray Manzarek, David Icke, The Zutons, a King of Leon, a Radio One DJ and a member of the British Royal Family.. Well you never know..

    All this for a piece of wood.. allbeit piece of wood that is dangerous enough to kill me cool enough to win me friends and versatile enough to get me into town back to the future style.

    Anyway.. That’s what i have been doing.. Shall i send my address now?

    cheers.. Christian 😉

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  9. I don’t really know how to ride that skateboard… but when I do, I hope I can last more than 12 seconds on that thing..

  10. i want it that deck lol

  11. awesome!

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