VIDEO REPLIES and other stuff

We’ve been working away trying to fix bugs and make the site more usable.  But today we get to launch a BIG feature.


As one of the most requested features on Uservoice, video replies has been a priority for some time.  We’re really excited to launch video replies because it will allow for a greater level of communication and conversation on the site.  If you see something you want to reply to, click the “record a reply” link underneath the video.  Bam!  A recorder will load for you to record your reply.  You’ll note replies in the feed shaded green with an “@” symbol.  You’ll even be able to watch reply videos in a thumbnail player underneath the main video.  The team that made this happen should be proud (good job dudes).

Go play!  Please reply to this video before Sol heads out to a party tonight.

The Good Stuff

Do you know we have the incredibly talented rapper, QP on 12seconds?  He has the two most dedicated songs on Facebook.  Check him out.  He even embedded the 12seconds widget.  Maybe you should too?  Meanwhile one of our founders had US Presidential Candidate, Senator John McCain over at his house.  Loudmouthman had a baby. FYI: We’ve reserved the username “loudmouthkid.” Finally JoshBradley weathered tropical storm Hanna with his giant attack-dog, Ollie.

Skateboard Winners

Last week we had an invite-o-rama and the reward was a sweet limited edition 12seconds skateboard.  The goal was to invite as many people as possible.  I’m happy to announce our two big winners:

and 3amjosh

Shred in good health.  We take no responsibility for any “mishaps” or skateboard oriented tomfoolery.


One response to “VIDEO REPLIES and other stuff

  1. Waiting anxiously for some sort of e-mail or twitter contact so I can send my shipping info. Can’t wait to be the envy of all my tech friends and roll into tech parties in style.

    Although, it should have come equipped with some protective gear, cause i’m probably going to hurt myself. Thanks again. You guys rock!

    If I can get a good video enabled phone, i’ll be able to make a lot more videos!

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