Hey 12ers,

We got a lot of great 12er feedback on Replies.  Some was good, some was meh.  What we realized (fairly quickly) was that we toyed with the simplicity that is 12seconds.  So, we’ve made some specific changes today that will allow streamline things a bit.  They will all go live later tonight when traffic dies off a bit (we’ll have to take the site down for a few moments).

1. Replies will no longer show up in your main feed nor in your channel

We did this because without any context both the main feed (your “home”) and the channel page become nonsensical.

2. Replies will no longer be tweeted

Again, replies don’t make much sense out of context and they make even less sense in Twitter where all you see is a reply URL.  We’ll be making a button on replies that will allow you to manual tweet a reply in the future.

3. All replies will go into a “replies” tab.

We’ll be launching that later tonight.  This will ONLY have replies that are directed at you.

4. Two important bugs have been fixed

You can now preview your content as much as you’d like from both the main recorder and the replies recorder.  They will play back every time and post properly.

Remember – replies WILL show up on the page where you left the reply and every reply has it’s own single video page.

Thanks again to everyone who gave us awesome, supportive feedback.

We can’t do this without you.  Now, please go and record some 12s and continue to tell us how we can make this site awesome, addictive, useful and fun.


5 responses to “Changes to VIDEO REPLIES

  1. Loving your work. Thank you

  2. Cool, thanks for the improvements! 🙂

  3. Thumbs up!! Excellent enhancements (And so quick!)

  4. Love the improvements. Could video replies default to emailing (or later, IM’ing) us when others reply to a thread? Assuming most would indeed want to keep up with comments to their own 12’s of course.

  5. This is great! Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got coming?

    Keep up the good work..!

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