12seconds’ Users are Awesome!

Hey, this is Beach. First I don’t really like the word “users” to define people who use a web site, I mean not all of you are drug addicts. Second, I know that you probably think that Sol and I use the word “Awesome” quite a bit. We also say “dude”, “rad”, and “sweet”. I’m not sure if it’s our California upbringing or our lack of vocabulary, but when we get excited about something… these words tend to come out. 

With that said, I just wanted to take this time to say that you guys (12seconds’ users) are awesome! It is so cool to see what all of you are doing with the site. So great, in fact, that it’s getting difficult to keep up with it all! This is a good problem to have for sure, but I wanted to let you know that we care about what you guys are doing, and it means so much to us that you are finding 12seconds a fun place to be. Just last night with a quick glance, I saw part of a Sigur Ros concert in detroit, had great seats at a Giants game, and learned that Clay Aiken is gay! All of these were posted within moments of each other! It warms the cockles of my heart. 

I’m not sure if you all know this, but everyone who works on 12seconds has a day job. We do everything in our spare time, in the morning, at lunch, and late into the evenings. It’s fun for us for sure, but since the site is growing so fast, we’re wishing we had more time to devote to welcoming people to the site and helping everyone out. We do our best, but it’s very important to us that everyone feels like they are part of the 12seconds family. So, if you feel so inclined, help us out and welcome new people to the site, give folks some love, tell them how good looking they are (because it’s true), and bring people on board. I’m not asking this because this is some kind of business thing, I’m asking because it’s important to us and everyone that people feel comfortable and part of something that’s… well awesome! And it’s awesome because of you.

Thanks everyone! 

Love, beach


3 responses to “12seconds’ Users are Awesome!

  1. Since I’m from California, I use all those words too much too 🙂
    I think you are all doing great on the site!! You have made it a very welcoming place for us all. I’ll try to do my part by spreading some love 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Yeah to being awesome!

  3. Yes, 12Seconds contributors are awesome…and that is Specifically a testament to the Awesome-ness of the 12Seconds Creators! Yes…their fabulous Social Video Ware Site is the coolest thing out in tech this month.

    I can’t say enough about it. In fact and instead, I’ll do 12 seconds about it!

    Twitter me @winedivergirl

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