The London Film Festival in 12seconds

One of our awesome 12ers, Mike Atherton, better known as Sizemore, is a well respected writer and social media badass.  Every year he is invited to the London Film Festival and asked to review tons of films.  As he says on his blog, “I’m happiest writing about film, but can turn my hand to most topics.” A quick check of his blog will you tell you that he loves film, technology, photography and humor.  During this Film Festival season, Sizemore has to sit down and watch 3 films a day for a couple weeks!  It’s a tough job.  He eats a lot of popcorn.

We’re really excited that Sizemore is planning to do 12second reviews of those exclusive films for our benefit!

“I have no idea yet how I’ll boil down some of the best cinema in the
world to only 12 seconds, but I’m looking forward to kicking this off.”

We’re looking forward to it too. If you want to keep up with Sizemore on 12seconds, you can check out his channel and follow him here.  Thanks Mike!


2 responses to “The London Film Festival in 12seconds

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  2. I wonder if this guy would mind if i did the same thing for the Savannah Film Festival… that sounds like a good idea…

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