View 12seconds from your mobile phone

Here’s a cool feature: login to

Yep, you can now enjoy 12seconds content on the go.  Wondering what your friends are posting while you’ve been away from your machine?  Wonder no more.  Grab just about any phone with a web browser like your blackberry or your iphone and enjoy 12seconds all day long.

This is our initial version so there might be a few bugs.  You can see your latest updates, watch everyone or enjoy featured content.  This is just the beginning of our mobile strategy!  We wanted to satiate your desires for mobile updates, so here you go.


7 responses to “View 12seconds from your mobile phone

  1. Woohoo!!!
    Thanks Guys!!!

    Great Idea!

  2. I’m sooooo glad you did this. It’s great to be able to veiw 12second videos on my iPhone.

  3. Yes. Awesome and nice.

  4. “This is just the beginning of our mobile strategy!”

    Does this mean you’ll be building an iPhone app..? (pleasepleaseplease?)

  5. Can you, or do you have something in the works, to allow users to broadcast from a mobile device?

  6. George Casanova

    Me gustaria ser parte de sus miembros


  7. George Casanova

    Me gustaria se parte de ud


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