So Much To Talk About

We’ve been going so fast lately that it’s all a bit of a blur. There’s a ton of stuff we’ve been working on and even more in the pipeline. We’re very focused on improving the site, the technology, and the user experience. For us, it can’t be simple enough. It can never be fun enough! 12seconds should be as easy, fast, reliable, and super as possible. Super!

Here’s a bit of a recap of what we’ve done in the past few days:

We can’t say all that’s coming up next for us, but we’re really excited about it and are looking forward to sharing it with you. Is that coy enough? 🙂
We can tell you that we’re focused on bugs and fixing a bunch of things that need attention. We even ordered a Logitech WebCam (QuickCam Pro 9000) to try and figure out why browsers seem to crash when Logitech hardware is being used. Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out! We love you and totally appreciate your patience. If you have any issues or any problems please visit our page on getsatisfaction or if you have any suggestions or feature requests, let us know on our UserVoice page:
Thanks again for using the site and keep it up! Yip!
Oh and if you have invites… make sure you use ’em up! Get your friends on 12seconds!

One response to “So Much To Talk About

  1. The release of and were amazing improvements that I thank the lord for each and everyday.

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