Uploads! Downloads!

Another great week!  Here’s what’s going on…

Upload/Download Feature

It’s one of the most requested features and one which we’ve been remiss in adding.  The ability to upload a video file to your channel.  Let’s say you took a great video from your Flip.  You no longer need to email it to your mobile email address.  You can now upload it directly from the site.  Just look for the upload button on your individual “home” page.  In addition, we’re providing the ability to download your files as well (thanks Jeremy for the suggestion).
note: you can upload most video file types and downloads will be in .mov and .flv formats.

BBC News | Have Your Say Challenge!

The folks over at BBC Have Your Say are excited about the participation of all the 12ers in some of our debate challenges.  So, they want to do their own challenge.  Thus, today’s challenge is sponsored by the BBC News.  There’s a great chance that some of your challenge entries will end up on BBC TV!  We’re pretty excited and would appreciate your participation.  The Challenge Question is: “Economic downturn – how bad can it get?  Give some examples.”
note: if you don’t feel comfortable with the thought of being on TV you might want to sit out of this challenge.

Citizen Journalism and Election Day Coverage

When you launch a service you never know how it will be used.  12seconds gets a lot of attention from news services like Current or the BBC because it is so easy for people to cover an event or give an opinion.  Citizen Journalism is pretty important for the health of a democracy.  For this reason, we’re going to put a lot of effort into Election Day.  Where appropriate (and legal) we’d like 12ers covering reactions, parties, exit polls and emotions on November 4th all over the world.  We’re assembling a team of people and will feature their content on Election Day.  If you’d be willing to be part of this team, please contact Jivebotic.

Two more things:

  1. Renato has volunteered to be our European Community Evangelist.  He’s a Beatbox master.  Add him & get to know him!  Thanks, Renato!
  2. Bateatsbat is a freakin’ genius.

With love and pithiness,



4 responses to “Uploads! Downloads!

  1. Dude, bateatsbat is more of a demi-god in human form come to bestow us mere weak mortals with an ounce of her awesomeness than merely a genius in the way our simple, feeble human minds can comprehend.

    You need volunteers for any community? I can be like the Canadian Chairman of Righteousness or something.

  2. Hello all…I think the economic environment could get much worse before it gets better. Here’s my 2 cents:


  3. So, the uploaded video has to be 12 seconds as usual?
    Any chance of a list of what file types can be uploaded or just .mov files?

  4. @outsanity – no, the uploaded files can be longer but we cut it off at 12seconds. You can upload most movie files. Let us know if you have problems…

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