Flixwagon integration, Current and Halloween!

Happy Thursday (or Friday for you Kiwis out there),

12seconds integrates with Flixwagon!

Flixwagon is the amazing service that let’s you stream live video to the web from your mobile phone.  It’s completely amazing technology and we’re excited to be working with Flixwagon.  You can link your 12seconds account to your Flixwagon account and then the first twelve seconds of every Flixwagon session will go automatically to 12seconds!  Flixwagon works with “jailbroken” iPhones and a whole bunch of Nokia Phones (Series 60 Symbian like the N95).  We’re hoping the service will be available on Friday for some weekend mobile testing/fun and then for election day coverage, citizen journalist style.

Election Day is a seriously BIG DAY

As you might know, we’re working with Current on all the election day activities.  Current will be taking a feed for election day content and broadcasting some of it on TV.  Current has reach into like 50 million households so it’s pretty exciting to think that some of our 12ers will be on TV.  Also, Current is going to do a crazy mashup of all kinds of social media that day (clearly 12seconds is going to be the best part of it).  If anyone wants to be on our Election Day team, contact jivebotic.  It would be cool if we were out there doing our part monitoring, getting opinions and getting reactions on this important election day.

Some community notes…


  • Hopetakesflight is giving us 12second previews of an incredible new documentary.  We highly suggest clicking the play button on their channel!
  • We’re going to be launching a new Terms of Service.  Yeah we’re getting more legit.  But, don’t worry we’re still going to act immature on a regular basis.  When we launch it, it’ll pop up at you and ask for your blessings.
  • We’re doing a lot of “serious” challenge questions as we come up to the election in the US even thoughsome of us are trying to change the subject.  After this week, we’d like to do one 12er-sponsored question a week.  That 12er will pick the question and the winner.  If you’d like to be that person, hit up jivebotic.
  • Does anyone think this is a good idea?
  • Friday is Halloween.  Need I say more?  We want to see some crazy, scary, fun, creepy stuff.  So, share the fun with everyone.

Keep it real,



One response to “Flixwagon integration, Current and Halloween!

  1. Congrats on the Flixwagon intergration. How would one set that up? I went to Flixwagon and only see Twitter, YouTube and Ovi offered in the settings area. Looking forward to syncing my accounts.

    Great job with 12seconds, I am a big fan of your approach and the service. Thanks!


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