Get ready for Election Day

You’ve seen a lot of web-based election guides out there trying to get your attention.  Here’s one more.

As you know, we’ve been pushing pretty hard to get ready for Election ’08.  We’re partnering with Current who will be broadcasting election day news and happenings.  Part of what they’re broadcasting is going to be created by us, the 12ers of the world who know how to keep it pithy.  We’re also partnering with Flixwagon who will be providing the mobile video software.

The Night Before

Before you set out on Election Day you should set up your phone with Flixwagon.  This is mobile streaming software and it’ll allow you to catch those moments on the street.  Our main man, Jivebotic, created this guide with explicit instructions on how to set up Flixwagon for your iPhone.  Setting up for Nokia phones is easy and prompted after you register at Flixwagon.   Link your Flixwagon and 12seconds account on your settings page. Once you’ve done that, go give your final opinion on election day, at the 12second Challenge.

The next day, you’ll be one of three places: at work, voting or at an election night party…

At Work

While you’re at work, you should keep a browser open on Current.  With a tab on Current, you can get the very latest info.  However, your job isn’t just to watch the news, you need to make the news too.  Give and get reactions from people you work with by taking the 12second Challenge throughout the day or tagging any video with the word electionday (one word).  Some of those reactions will almost certainly end up on Current’s site and even on TV.


As you journey to go vote and you have a mobile device that does video please document the experience.  Find that journalist deep down inside and tell people that you’re reporting on election day for  Ask them how they’re feeling and whose going to win.  When you get to the polling place be careful not to video in states where that’s not allowed.  Here’s a guide that can tell you if you’re allowed to record your vote.  Just to give you an idea about how important it is to document our democracy, check out this site.

After you voted, tell us how it felt on 12seconds.  Anyone who tags their 12 with ivoted will get an “i voted” 12seconds award.  Make sure you also tag it with electionday so that those people over at Current can see it too.  🙂

Election Night Party

Current told us that the goal was to create the ultimate election party – a two screen event that involves Television on one screen and a way to interact with that TV, your computer, on another screen.  This will be an incredibly interactive experience.  In fact, the anchor(s) from Current will ask questions which can then be answered via webcam on the Current site, powered by 12seconds.  Some of those answers will appear on TV.  Get on TV at your election party and participate.

Tune your TV to Current on one of these channels:

Comcast (Channel 107 nationwide)
DirecTV (channel 366 nationwide)
Dish Network (channel 196 nationwide)
Verizon, AT&T, BSkyB (channel 183)
Virgin Media (channel 155)
Sky Italia (channel 130)

Thanks 12ers for kicking ass and getting out there and voting!


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