The Party Was Awesome!

Surya Dub!

We are just now recovering from the 12seconds & UserVoice launch party! It was a great time! Hundreds of friends, family, and people from the community showed up, brought food and drink, and danced their asses off. It wasn’t just our party, it was also a showcase for NextSpace, our friendly neighborhood co-working space. Let it be known… NextSpace can handle a party!

The best thing about the party was seeing so many 12seconds users in person! It’s always a bit of a shock and surprise to meet people face to face that you’ve only known through tiny video. We hear that the party bus from SF was raging before they even arrived. 

Thank you so much to everyone that turned out in person and in spirit! This was the first of many… and yes it’s true that 12 didn’t actually “launch” anything official Thursday… but don’t touch that dial, good things are on the way!

Here is a video tour of NextSpace from Scoble. He showed up early and had a look around. It was great to see him!

And here are some random 12s that were recorded during the evening… 

Mindi gets wild!


DJ 2000

Having a Wonderful Time!

The coolest f-ing person ever!

Very Cool!

Jacob was the man!

Also thank you to all the well wishers on our challenge! Yay!


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