Record your 12s in TweetDeck (plus API news)

iain looking at us
@iaindodsworth peering lovingly at us via TweetDeck

Hey Everyone!  We don’t use our blog enough to deliver news so I’m going to take this opportunity to write a blog post to announce that you can now record your 12seconds posts using the best, most popular and completely superior Twitter client – TweetDeck.

It couldn’t be more simple.  Enter your 12seconds credentials after you hit the “12” button in the header of the application.  Not only will you be able to view all that great 12seconds content, you’ll also be able to record a new post from your webcam by hitting the record button on either the top or the bottom of the column.

It’s our singular goal to provide an application that makes both creating and watching short, pithy videos incredibly easy.  TweetDeck allows us to fulfill that goal by creating an environment whose purpose is to make more sense out of our increasingly busy socialmediasphere (I made up a word!).  In other words, those who use TweetDeck will love it even more and if you haven’t downloaded TweetDeck yet…you really should.

All versions of TweetDeck will be updated over the next week or two with this functionality built in, but if you want to play with it right now you have to download the latest version right from the TweetDeck site.  So go download it and let us know what you think!

The 12seconds authoring API

It’s time for us to release our authoring API for 12seconds.  This means that you can integrate recording 12seconds into your site the same way TweetDeck has done.  12seconds is great fun on our site but allowing others to embed the recording functionality has limitless potential.  Video commenting, video contests, video story collaborations, video music mashups!  Whatever you want to do with it, have at it!

If you want access to this API, you have to let us know so we can get you set up.  You’re going to need a parnter ID.   You can find more information about the authoring API as well as contact us to receive a partner ID here.

Alright, get out there and make some 12s!


18 responses to “Record your 12s in TweetDeck (plus API news)

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  4. Its great that both Twhirl and TweetDeck are integrating with Seesmic and 12seconds respectively. I look forward to using it… but really until either of you support OpenID (and it would be great if my Twitter URL was an OpenID) or whatever Twitter’s OAuth ends up being, I am going to pass… not another website sign up.

  5. Doesn’t work with the built-in camera on my MacBookPro. Are you addressing this?

  6. Follow-up: Applies to TweetDeck, latest version just downloaded and your website. Flash installed and recording window opens but then nothing happens.

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  8. Hm. Didn’t work for me. I have 12s on my TweetDeck, but I don’t see a record button. I tried trashing the 12 column and re-opening; still nothing. I’m on a Mac, which is sometimes an issue… Anybody else with this problem?

  9. I don’t see a record button on Tweetdeck, either. I too am on a Mac.
    I like the idea of being able to use the API. A million household uses!

  10. same problem as lisa here. i checked my settings and nothing.

  11. I don’t have a record button either, and I’m using Windows Vista! Maybe I’m being stupid?

  12. You need to download the latest version (yeah, I got confused on that as well; it should now be available, v. 22). Once you do that, you’ll be asked for your login info, and then you get to record. 🙂

  13. I figured out the deal — Don’t forget to UPDATE your TweetDeck to version .22b or above, otherwise the cool record-from-TweetDeck thing does not work.

    Also, teeeensy request: It would be cool to have the playback option in TD to see if the 12 we shoot is one we should keep.

    Meanwhile, thanks for all your work O Mighty 12 Creators.

  14. Still moderating my Feb 24 comments??
    Problem with built-in camera remains.

  15. worked for me, trumps twhirl+seesmic, imo.

    But, really need ability to post to different/selectable twitter accounts. Cant do that in tweetdeck without logging. Possible to do it from the 12seconds site?

  16. you cant have it on view everyone either

  17. How do you close the 12seconds record window?

  18. I love being able to update my 12seconds from Tweetdeck…… having the two together is a genious idea. thanks for the genius minds at 12seconds.

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