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12seconds iPhone App! Plus redesign and open registration.

Today is a huge day for 12seconds!  Here’s the rundown:

  • We’re releasing our very own iPhone application to the app store
  • We’ve redesigned the entire site
  • We’re opening up registration (no more invites)
  • We’re now in beta status

The iPhone application

We’ve been busy bees on this application.  You can’t record video on your iphone, right?  This application changes that.  With the 12seconds iPhone app you take 3 pictures, record some audio and post it.  We’ll turn it into a video and post it for your friends to see.  There’s no other app in the app store that outputs video so we’re pretty excited about it.  It will cost only 99 cents.  It’s a great value and a great way to support your friends at 12seconds.  Here’s a short video demonstration.

The Redesign

So, we’ve gone ahead and redesigned the site.  We’ve grabbed a lot of feedback from you, our dedicated 12ers and think we’ve come up with a beautiful redesign.  The goal was to make 12seconds a better product.  Here are some of the key changes:

  • New, awesome look (pink and brown never looked so beautiful)
  • Inline video playback
  • Inline commenting
  • Your “home” will tell you when you have new videos (auto-updating)
  • Hide or Show the recorder whenever you’d like
  • New navigation tools (an easier interface to navigate)

Open Registration and Beta Status

It’s time for us to move forward.  We’ve had a great few months in alpha.  Hundreds of thousands of people have watched 12second videos.  We’ve been able to integrate with great partners and participate in some incredible events.  We’ve seen 12seconds used for status updates, citizen journalism, short song writing, movie reviews, jokes, challege responses, weather reports, cigar reviews, wine reviews, cupcake reviews, daily lunch specials, name that tune and millions of other creative uses.

The time has come to open up and share 12seconds with the rest of the world.  Now anyone can register and join our beta program.  So, please, invite your friends and let’s build a rich community of people 12ing all over the world.  12seconds is easy, fun and engaging.  We’ve got the best community on the Internet.

So, that’s it.  As of today we’re retiring the Alpha user award.  It’s done and will never be given out again.  All existing and new users will receive the Beta user award.

Thanks very deeply for being part of our community.  Here’s to an exciting 2009.


Server Changes and Feature Testing

Hi All,


You might have noticed that the site was off-line for a couple hours yesterday.  We switched over our internal whizbangs to a more robust server, which is sweet.  We’ve also loaded some new features which we are bug testing and fixing.  Some of them may remain, and others may drop back out depending on our progress.

If you see or identify bugs, you can definitely help us out.  Same goes for new features you’d like to see in the site.  Do one of these two things:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Or, record a video and tag it “bug / feature request” to tell us what’s up

Thanks everyone, and have a pleasant day . (And if it really is pleasant, tell us about it.  It only takes 12 seconds.)