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Challenges are back… now with VOTING!

Hey 12ers,

Jacob here — It’s not often that you hear from me on the blog, but I wanted to go through some of the new features we launched today and Sol/Beach are not at their computers ūüėČ

We’re excited to re-launch challenges.. we know a lot of you have been missing them. The main difference now is that YOU get to vote on who you think should win everyday! Any time you record a response to the challenge, that video will have a little vote box next to it anywhere it appears on the site. Other 12ers can then click on the “vote” button and give you 1-3 votes, depending on how much they liked the video.

Here’s the catch – you can only give out 3 votes per day. You can give all three to one video or spread it out evenly and give 1 point to 3 different videos – It’s up to you. You can always go back and change your votes too if you see something later on in the day that kicks total ass – just go back to the video you voted on before and it will let you set your vote back down to zero or change it to something else.

At the end of the day (midnight PST), the voting for that day’s challenge will stop and a winner will be assigned based on your votes. You can only vote for the current day’s challenge, but the number of votes will be visible after voting closes.

In addition, we’ve made some other minor improvements to the challenge system:

  • New challenge bar that appears at the top of your home page
  • Responding to the challenge no longer requires a re-load of the page – just click “respond” and go!
  • We’ve now got a leaderboard for the challenges if you want to see who’s winning throughout the day.
  • Challenges can now be sent via your mobile phone. Just make the subject of your MMS message “challenge” and we’ll do the rest.
  • You’ll also be able to see the daily challenge question and submit responses from your iPhone with an update that we’ll be releasing later this week.

Sol wants me to mention that “This is all in good fun” and “There’s no need to get competitive”…. yet.

That’s it! As always, let us know if you notice any bugs and feel free to send feedback our way (I’m @jakey12 on Twitter)

So.. what are you waiting for? Go answer the challenge and vote for your favorites!


Uploads! Downloads!

Another great week!¬† Here’s what’s going on…

Upload/Download Feature

It’s one of the most requested features and one which we’ve been remiss in adding.¬† The ability to upload a video file to your channel.¬† Let’s say you took a great video from your Flip.¬† You no longer need to email it to your mobile email address.¬† You can now upload it directly from the site.¬† Just look for the upload button on your individual “home” page.¬† In addition, we’re providing the ability to download your files as well (thanks Jeremy for the suggestion).
note: you can upload most video file types and downloads will be in .mov and .flv formats.

BBC News | Have Your Say Challenge!

The folks over at BBC Have Your Say are excited about the participation of all the 12ers in some of our debate challenges.¬† So, they want to do their own challenge.¬† Thus, today’s challenge is sponsored by the BBC News.¬† There’s a great chance that some of your challenge entries will end up on BBC TV!¬† We’re pretty excited and would appreciate your participation.¬† The Challenge Question is: “Economic downturn – how bad can it get?¬† Give some examples.”
note: if you don’t feel comfortable with the thought of being on TV you might want to sit out of this challenge.

Citizen Journalism and Election Day Coverage

When you launch a service you never know how it will be used.¬† 12seconds gets a lot of attention from news services like Current or the BBC because it is so easy for people to cover an event or give an opinion.¬† Citizen Journalism is pretty important for the health of a democracy.¬† For this reason, we’re going to put a lot of effort into Election Day.¬† Where appropriate (and legal) we’d like 12ers covering reactions, parties, exit polls and emotions on November 4th all over the world.¬† We’re assembling a team of people and will feature their content on Election Day.¬† If you’d be willing to be part of this team, please contact Jivebotic.

Two more things:

  1. Renato has volunteered to be our European Community Evangelist.¬† He’s a Beatbox master.¬† Add him & get to know him!¬† Thanks, Renato!
  2. Bateatsbat is a freakin’ genius.

With love and pithiness,


So Much To Talk About

We’ve been going so fast lately that it’s all a bit of a blur. There’s a ton of stuff we’ve been working on and even more in the pipeline. We’re very focused on improving the site, the technology, and the user experience. For us, it can’t be simple enough. It can never be fun enough! 12seconds should be as easy, fast, reliable, and super as possible. Super!

Here’s a bit of a recap of what we’ve done in the past few days:

We can’t say all that’s coming up next for us, but we’re really excited about it and are looking forward to sharing it with you. Is that coy enough? ūüôā
We can tell you that we’re focused on bugs and fixing a bunch of things that need attention. We even ordered a Logitech WebCam (QuickCam Pro 9000) to try and figure out why browsers seem to crash when Logitech hardware is being used. Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out! We love you and totally appreciate your patience. If you have any issues or any problems please visit our page on getsatisfaction or if you have any suggestions or feature requests, let us know on our UserVoice page:
Thanks again for using the site and keep it up! Yip!
Oh and if you have invites… make sure you use ’em up! Get your friends on 12seconds!

View 12seconds from your mobile phone

Here’s a cool feature: login to

Yep, you can now enjoy 12seconds content on the go.¬† Wondering what your friends are posting while you’ve been away from your machine?¬† Wonder no more.¬† Grab just about any phone with a web browser like your blackberry or your iphone and enjoy 12seconds all day long.

This is our initial version so there might be a few bugs.  You can see your latest updates, watch everyone or enjoy featured content.  This is just the beginning of our mobile strategy!  We wanted to satiate your desires for mobile updates, so here you go.

Talk Like A Pirate Day on 12seconds – Friday Sept. 19

Ahoy mateys! This Friday, September 19th, is International¬†Talk Like a Pirate Day! So yes, you guessed it… the 12second challenge on Friday will be… Talk Like A Pirate! Now get ye land lubbers ready t’¬†practicin’ t’ talk like a pirate!¬†¬†Everyone who participates will receive a special 12seconds pirate award! Arrrr!

VIDEO REPLIES and other stuff

We’ve been working away trying to fix bugs and make the site more usable.¬† But today we get to launch a BIG feature.


As one of the most requested features on Uservoice, video replies has been a priority for some time.¬† We’re really excited to launch video replies because it will allow for a greater level of communication and conversation on the site.¬† If you see something you want to reply to, click the “record a reply” link underneath the video.¬† Bam!¬† A recorder will load for you to record your reply.¬† You’ll note replies in the feed shaded green with an “@” symbol.¬† You’ll even be able to watch reply videos in a thumbnail player underneath the main video.¬† The team that made this happen should be proud (good job dudes).

Go play!  Please reply to this video before Sol heads out to a party tonight.

The Good Stuff

Do you know we have the incredibly talented rapper, QP on 12seconds?¬† He has the two most dedicated songs on Facebook.¬† Check him out.¬† He even embedded the 12seconds widget.¬† Maybe you should too?¬† Meanwhile one of our founders had US Presidential Candidate, Senator John McCain over at his house.¬† Loudmouthman had a baby. FYI: We’ve reserved the username “loudmouthkid.” Finally JoshBradley weathered tropical storm Hanna with his giant attack-dog, Ollie.

Skateboard Winners

Last week we had an invite-o-rama and the reward was a sweet limited edition 12seconds skateboard.¬† The goal was to invite as many people as possible.¬† I’m happy to announce our two big winners:

and 3amjosh

Shred in good health.¬† We take no responsibility for any “mishaps” or skateboard oriented tomfoolery.

The 12second Challenge & Awards!

We’ve been cranking away on crushing more bugs (and creating some more in the process – yikes!) all in the effort to make the site as tight and as fast as possible. Thanks again for all your help with reporting bugs! We totally appreciate it.

We’ve added a couple of new features as well that we’re excited about. First is the 12second challenge! Every day we will post a new challenge for you to try to complete in 12seconds. This week is Olympic week! So check that out. We’ve also added the multiplayer on tag pages. This means you can watch all the clips from a particular tag all at once.¬†

Then we created awards to be handed out on special¬†occasions. Our first awards are the 1200 Award, the Alpha Award, and the Olympic Award. If you are one of the first 1200 users and/or an alpha user, you get these limited Awards. And then if you win an Olympic challenge, you get one of those. These are exclusive awards, never to be given out again… (well maybe until the next olympics). We’ll be creating more awards to hand out for other random reason as well. So keep on updating your friends and family about what you’re up to using 12seconds. It’s the only way to fly. L8.